Experiment: Frozen Entrees

Alright, before you start groaning and rolling your eyes and dismissing me, I’ll have you know that I’m no longer dedicating Pastries & Bacon to mainly high raw vegan foods. I’m taking a break (mentally and physically) from that lifestyle and going back to my roots: everything in moderation and doing what makes me happy, healthy, and balanced. Melissa from 2007/2008 is back and better than ever because this time, I’m incorporating healthier changes (like polishing off at least 62oz water everyday, having a green juice most mornings, eating a raw salad with every meal) while still having what I consider FUN with my food (that means a small cup of coffee in the morning, fatty brie or sharp parmesan with my pasta, etc).

So onto my experiment for the week: frozen entrees!! What this means is for the week, I’m going to leave my fridge COMPLETELY EMPTY and every morning, stop at the market on the way to work to pick up two frozen meals (one for lunch and one for dinner) plus a snack. The market is either Whole Foods or Trader Joes (both are right on my route to work so I’m not going out of my way at all). With each frozen meal, I am going to have a raw salad just to ensure I’m adding more nutrients and fill. Trust me, it’s not as unhealthy as you may think because I’m shopping smart when it comes to the frozen section, meaning I’m checking out the sodium, fat and fiber and protein content as well as the ingredients. No artificial crap for me although some processed ingredients might be scattered around here or there so please don’t judge.

Why am I doing this? Well for one, I’m just a wee tired of cooking and prepping meals. Need to take a break for a little bit. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time with my boyfriend, dog, friends, working out, being outside, gardening, etc etc. Face it, frozen entrees are convenient. No, I’m not lazy at all when it comes to cooking but a little convenience never hurt anyone 🙂 Secondly, frozen entrees provide variety to your week – I mean, a different meal at every meal time! How awesome is that? I love variety so this is perfect. Third, instant portion control = instant calorie control. One of my downfalls is overeating and picking at leftovers and munching in the kitchen (see, I’m candid about my bad habits) so eating frozen entrees will definitely keep me from snacking since…there’s nothing left to snack on! And I don’t care if you eat raw, vegan, atkins, whatever…a calorie is a calorie. That’s math, plain and simple. Fourth, easy cleaning! We recycle so I’m very conscious about where the boxes will go…and I don’t have to slave away at the sink washing pan after pot after plate. YAY!

So here goes. I’m writing this a couple days in to my experiment so I’m playing catch up right now. Also, please note that my day includes some yogurt, fruit and other snacks so don’t be alarmed at the calorie count beneath each frozen entree – I’m eating MORE THAN THAT 🙂

Day 1 Lunch = Seeds of Change Venetian Penne Marinara


Cost: $5.49 (I think??) from Whole Foods

Calories: 300

Verdict: I like Seeds of Change because they use organic, real ingredients. Nothing processed, nothing fake. This was super super yummy but DANG! Those are some tiny portions!! The sad thing is that the portion size I got for the penne dish is really how much we should eat of pasta. This will for sure re-train my eye on gauging portion sizes (I like that!) I got real thirsty afterwards so the sodium content may have been a little too high for me. I chugged 50 oz of water after that so I felt alot better. I also added a giant raw salad on the side.

Day 1 Dinner = French Meadow Bakery Vegetarian Sweet ‘N Spicy Cuban Style Veggies


Cost: $5.99 from Whole Foods

Calories: 250

Verdict: SUPER SUPER filling and yummy. Came with brown rice and the mix of pineapple, veggies and a spicy sauce made it the perfect dish for dinner. I savored every bite and followed it up with a nice salad of greens, tomato, bell pepper and lemon juice. Not too shabby! Already planning on having it again for Day 2. And not thirsty at all either afterwards, meaning sodium content was good with my body.

Day 2 Lunch = Amy’s Organic Tofu Scramble


Cost: $4.99 from Whole Foods

Calories: 320

Verdict: This consisted of tofu scrambled with organic vegetables with hash browned potatoes on the side – real good, actually!! I was craving something “breakfast-like” for lunch so this did the job. I had a giant raw salad with it, too. Good for those who don’t like eggs but can eat tofu. I try to limit my soy intake because I believe it leads to stomach issues for me but the tofu portions were so miniscule it was all good.

Day 2 Dinner = French Meadow Bakery Vegetarian Sweet ‘N Spicy CubanStyle Veggies. AGAIN! Told you it was yummy!!

  1. Amanda said:

    Wow Mel!! Do fill me in! I missed so much this month! How’s your “new diet” and workouts?? Hope all is well! xo A

    • melissa said:

      Diet is OK – I am so all over the place. Workouts? Mmmm….not so much!

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