Football Sunday!

Today is the first sunday for football season so I’m sure many of you have been glued to the TV set watching game after game….oh wait, is that just me and Chris? LOL. Anyway, we like to start our football sundays off with a bangin’ good meal and today was a great way to kickstart football season.

Chris had a hodgepodge breakfast, which consisted of fried eggs, roasted potatoes and sweet chicken sausage…oh, and bacon of course!


I had another persisting craving for avocado mixed with truffle oil! I know…don’t ask why. I went out and bought white truffle oil and mashed it with a small avocado, topping it on a bed of fresh mesclun greens, baby yellow tomatoes from the garden and french green beans. So fresh. So good. I mean it looks so pretty – love it!


  1. Amanda said:

    Too funny! I figured football season must have started yesterday. When I was at work I could hear everyone cheering from the bars:-)

  2. allijag said:

    That dish is just beautiful – I think it’s the yellow tomatoes that really make it pop! 🙂

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