Craving Protein…Continued

I was still on must-have-protein mode last night and decided I would have breakfast for dinner, which meant a hella yummy three-egg omelette with greens and sundried tomato – mmmmm. It’s funny, I don’t usually eat eggs because sometimes they freak me out but I truly believe that when you’re having cravings that won’t go away, it’s your body telling you that it needs something. I have this feeling that my body is wanting some hearty protein right now, like eggs or raw goat cheese, so I’m gonna go ahead and honor my body…and give it what it wants 🙂


After dinner, I headed to my friend’s apartment for a housewarming party. I think I came under dressed, though, lol! All the girls were in short dresses, heels, and done up hair. I came looking like a frenchie sailor in my striped top, skinny jeans and ballet flats haha!



They had a delicious spread going on! Cheeses, crostini, baguette, artichoke and spinach dip and my friend’s famous crab dip. Freakin’ yum! I was so full from my dinner so I opted for three glasses of white wine instead haha. Not the best choice but I’m all about sauvignon blanc right now…plus one of the guests showed up with a white vino he got from Italy.


Me and my friends 🙂




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