Here’s a quick recap of my trip to Colorado – ugh, I have not kept up with my blogging this week! Yikes!!

City O’ City, the very cool vegetarian cafe by day/hoppin’ bar by night. Sorry for the blurred photo. It was dimly lit with candles.


I made my Key Lime Pie Shake for my sister and her boyfriend. The verdict? SUCCESS! They loved the tartness and subtle sweetness of the smoothie. It never disappoints. Check out the recipe here.


Me and my sister in Boulder, one of my favorite places! So indie, so hippie, so granola. How unlike LA haha.


Us with LARA Bar samples – there was a fair earlier that day and they were giving away pint sized portions of LARA bars – awesome.


Me with a freakin’ huge zucchini. Apparently, they have something called “Zucchini Races” where people stick wheels on these giant things and dress them up and race them down a ramp. Odd but I like it!


Good ole Boulder!


Had dinner at Pasta Jay’s that night. For dinner, I opted for a shrimp caesar salad because I was on carb overload and couldn’t look at another piece of bread or pasta for the life of me. I’ve been to Pasta Jay’s once before (about two years ago) and it was just as good as I remembered it.


The group of us


After dinner, we stopped by a gelato store next to Pasta Jay’s and I got the Dulce de Lece flavor mixed in with cappuccino. MMMMM!!! Their gelato is supposedly all organic, no hormones, no antibiotics, nothing but natural tasty goodness and local.


  1. DULCE DE LECHE gelato???? Say no more. Holy yum.

  2. Amanda said:

    Awe…Pearl Street Mall:-) I use to work very close by….like a million years ago LOL!!

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