Recap Part 3 – Final!

My flight out of Colorado was late – around 9pm – so before I left, my sister threw me a delicious BBQ. Dang, it was soooo good but I was sooooo full!! No complaints here, though. Everyone was making something so I decided to make asian potstickers as the appetizer. I got these thick, chewy, yummy potsticker wrappers from her local asian market and the filling was tofu and mushroom, pulsed in the food processor.


Getting steamed


Soft and chewy and doughy and 100% delicious


Served alongside three different dipping sauces – sweet chili, peanut and soy sauce with garlic and ginger


My sister wanted to make this roasted potato recipe, which was awesome. I ate more potatoes than I did anything else and I’m not even a huge potato person.



She also made simple roasted zucchini and baby portobello mushrooms


Nick, her boyfriend, was in charge of all the seafood (we had scallops, skewered shrimp and crab legs!!!) He was making a delicious mango vinaigrette to drizzle over all the food and it came out divine.



All the shrimp, waiting to get inhaled by us


All of it coming together – thanks so much, sis and Nick, for a wonderful time. XO!


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  1. Amanda said:

    Wow Mel! Everything looks so yummy!!!

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