Recap Part 2

I’m breaking up my Colorado posts – this one’s all about the picnic in the park my sister organized with me as the guest of honor (and a great excuse for her friends to get together haha!) We already decided on the menu before I even flew out there – it was going to be a potluck style so me and my sis made spring rolls (vegetarian and chicken) and deviled eggs.

My sis woke up early that morning to prep everything and make all our ingredients were ready in their bowls, waiting to be assembled. She’s so organized – geez!


Rehydrating the rice paper wrap


During the assembly. We added vermicelli noodles to the spring rolls and holy cow, were they good.


The goods


Time for the deviled eggs – I forgot how my sister concocted the filling but I did see a jar of mayo 😉


The little halves waiting to get piped with the filling


My sister created a piping bag out of a ziploc and snipped a hole in the corner. It was so fun and easy to use. If you have kids, I highly suggest giving this job to your little one because they’ll have a blast.


Topped off with a sprinkle of paprika


Later, at the park. Me and my sis hanging.


The giant park, located in downtown Denver.



….and finally, the picnic!! PS: I ate WAY too many chips at the picnic haha.



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