Sunday Night Dinner

It’s been ages since Chris and I have shared a sunday night dinner where we’ve both indulged in the same thing. I’ve pretty much given my high raw diet a break and am in favor of a more 50% cooked/50% raw lifestyle because I just miss my cooked creations way way too much and my health is pretty much in check now so I’m comfortable incorporating some of my old favorite foods back into my life (ahhhh, thank goodness.) So we decided to have a grilled seafood fest, which featured ahi tuna, skewered giant fresh shrimp (OMG my absolute favorite!!!), and some pesto tortellini (purchased at Trader Joe’s) that I mixed with a homemade pine nut/basil pesto I created from scratch. Chris also grilled up a buffalo burger, which he later sandwiched between two pieces of hearty bread and a slice of fresh tomato from the heirloom from our garden.




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