Fun Friday Night

Ahhhh talk about a fun Friday night. It started with light dinners for Chris and I.

I made a fresh salad with spinach, yellow cherry tomatoes from our garden, baby carrots and goat cheese.


Chris made his “awesome sandwich”. If we had a menu, he would put this concoction on there and call it the “Awesome Sandwich” – the bread was toasted to perfection and had tomato, turkey, salami, some spinach, and cheese in it.


We had way too many yellow cherry tomatoes from the garden so we decided to slow roast them in the oven with chunks of garlic and sea salt.



We ended the night playing Wii Sports Resort!! It was a gift from Chris’ friend, Luke, who also gave birth to the name “Pastries and Bacon”! Woohoo. Chris and I had waaaay too much fun playing golf, wakeboarding, canoeing, and jousting each other with giant swords. And what a workout, too! No joke. My arms started getting tired because you definitely use your arm muscles when you’re holding that Wii remote.



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  1. I’m growing yellow cherry tomatoes in my garden too!! Love them.

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