Messy But Goody

OK these pictures are really really bad. I’ll be the first to admit it. But the results were so freakin good! And that’s all that matters, right? I promise my next batch of pictures with my potsticker experiment will turn out much better. Ever inspired by my dear friend and fellow blogger, Amanda at The Grains of Paradise (whose lifestyle has inspired me to indulge in the tastiest Asian foods – thanks, lady!), I decided to try and make my own potsticker wrappers last night at home. It’s actually very easy – white flour + boiling water! After a few failed and sticky attempts, I finally got into the groove and made a teeny tiny batch. I was out of any sort of filling so I just processed some carrots and used that instead (I need some beta carotene, anyway). I pan fried them in some macadamia oil and oooooh they came out perfectly crispy on the outside, chewy and doughy on the inside. DOUBLE MY YUM! Here’s a rather messy and dark/blurry sequence. Sorry!







1 comment
  1. Nikki said:

    YUUUUUUUM! you need to make those when you’re here for our picnic! i’ll do spring rolls.

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