Pizza, Pizza

All I wanted was pizza tonight for dinner. I try to follow food combining rules for digestive purposes but I eat so clean 80% of the week that I can afford to bend the other 20%. Still, I wanted my pizza to be healthy so I went to Whole Foods and purchased this delicious cornmeal/spelt pizza crust from Vicolo brand. The ingredients include: Organic Spelt Flour, Organic Corn Meal, Water, Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Yeast, Salt.  They also have other healthy frozen pizzas but I wanted this done my way. So for me, I made a grilled veggie (purchased at the salad bar so I wouldn’t have to cook them) + cherry/grape tomato (from our garden) + Bulgarian sheep’s milk feta pizza with truffle oil drizzled on top. I did the same for Chris except his had string cheese and no truffle oil. I didn’t use a marinara sauce so I was quite surprised that my veggies stayed on the crust instead of falling off.




I served my slice alongside a salad of raw corn, bell pepper, cucumber and shredded carrot and some feta.



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