Oddly enough, my Italian boyfriend holds his chopsticks in better form than I do! Yesterday, I experimented with more recipes courtesy of Amanda from The Grains of Paradise (check out her Q&A here). For lunch at work I made her Mock Thai Papaya Salad using shredded cabbage, bell pepper, tomato, cilantro (a MUST!) and mung beans instead. Bueno bueno!


Then, for dinner, it was the same mock papaya salad as a starter with a glass of white vino ($6.99 from Whole Foods and pretty darn good! Except I got my asthma problem right after so I’m really starting to worry that my shallow breathing can be triggered from alcohol. More on that later.)


And my main course was pot stickers (woo hoo!) made from the wrappers and stuffed with more shredded cabbage and sprouts. Not too shabby. My dipping sauce was just tamari and agave.


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  1. sis said:

    those look great! you’re a pro!

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