Contributing Editor Post: It’s Burger Time!

If you can’t stand the sight of meat, I apologize. But like I said, this is not a 100% vegan site so be warned. This picture is courtesy of my sister, who experimented with ketchup designs on her plates. Way to go, sis! On her menu: buffalo cheeseburger with peanut butter. I know you’re thinking “WHAT?! EW! Meat with peanut butter??” I know…I know…I thought the same thing and I still do but this dish was inspired by a dish at a restaurant my sister recently went to, Cherry Cricket, and their “Goober Burger”. Looks tasty to me!


  1. Serena said:

    Ok I know it sounds gross but it tastes sssssoooooo good! I did Atkins for a while and my hubby decided to join me. One day he was having a snack of bacon with peanut butter! I walked by him, took one look at what he was putting in his mouth and almost screamed! He said what a minute, why don’t you try it? Guess what? I did and it was TOTALLY awesome!!! Now, several years later, I have been transformed by living a lifestyle of high raw, but while I don’t partake in this treat anymore, I will admit…bacon and peanut butter is one of the best tasting things EVER!!! One of the other yummiest treats that I no longer consume is peanut butter and cheddar cheese, OMG…heavenly!!!

  2. melissa said:

    MMMM I have heard the mix is very delicious! If only I ate meat again 🙂 Ah, I’ll live vicariously through my sister lol.

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