Eastern Flair

Again, so inspired by Amanda over at The Grains of Paradise and her delectable recipes, especially the one for vegetarian potstickers. YUM. I’m asian so naturally, I gravitate towards things like dumplings and noodles and wontons. I haven’t tried making this stuff since embarking on the raw/vegan lifestyle but seeing her blog made me want to go out, buy some potsticker wrappers, and start making them at home…which I did tonight. I had to make do with what I had in the fridge so for the filling, I sauteed cabbage, mung beans and garlic with a little bit of oil. After they became soft and translucent, I gave the mixture a whirl in the food processor to create a sort of pulp filling.



Chris was in charge of sealing the potstickers. He did it two ways: the standard “pinch and fold the ends” style and then his way, the Italian way – with a fork!


We cooked a couple crispier than the others to test it out on our tastebuds. The verdict? Crispy rules.


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