Grains, Please

For awhile there I was steering clear of any type of grain, just because I know it’s not beneficial to a yeasted system. And also because grains are so darn addicting! I can down a whole package of crackers if I really want to but restraint is very much in order when I’m near a box of Ak Mak crackers or toasted bread. However, I always like that added “crunch” to my salads that you just can’t get from dehydrated sweet potato – I think this is me still in transition and I’m totally cool with that. So, inspired by my e-pal Amanda, who runs The Grains of Paradise (by the way, I’m having a Q&A with her soon because for one thing, she’s gorgeous both inside and out and secondly, she lives in Hawaii! Me so jealous!) I’ve started adding some grains here and there to my salads. I was at Whole Foods yesterday and spotted these new crackers, Skinny Dippers, which I haven’t seen before. They are sooooo delicious and made of spelt grain, which is one of the better grains for you if you choose to go the grain route.


They are pretty filling so I just added two strips to my salad, which was composed of avocado, greens, sun-dried tomato, olives, sliced cucumber and a handful of dulse. Dressing was lemon juice and celtic sea salt, of course!


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  1. Amanda said:

    You are so sweet 🙂 Aloha!!

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