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I made some rice-less sushi for lunch the other day and a side salad of avocado, diced tomato, sesame oil, rice vinegar and light soy sauce.



AGAIN. I had my awesome key lime pie shake for breakfast this morning. OK, it’s not really MY recipe but I’ve been making it from the Raw Food, Real World cookbook. OMG. Way too yummy. This time, though, I made enough for two servings and only used half an avocado instead of one whole one. The difference? None, taste wise but a good 180 calories 🙂 I love a good save.


Ahhhh talk about a fun Friday night. It started with light dinners for Chris and I.

I made a fresh salad with spinach, yellow cherry tomatoes from our garden, baby carrots and goat cheese.


Chris made his “awesome sandwich”. If we had a menu, he would put this concoction on there and call it the “Awesome Sandwich” – the bread was toasted to perfection and had tomato, turkey, salami, some spinach, and cheese in it.


We had way too many yellow cherry tomatoes from the garden so we decided to slow roast them in the oven with chunks of garlic and sea salt.



We ended the night playing Wii Sports Resort!! It was a gift from Chris’ friend, Luke, who also gave birth to the name “Pastries and Bacon”! Woohoo. Chris and I had waaaay too much fun playing golf, wakeboarding, canoeing, and jousting each other with giant swords. And what a workout, too! No joke. My arms started getting tired because you definitely use your arm muscles when you’re holding that Wii remote.



1) Make a pizza. I got inspired (again!) by Amanda from The Grains of Paradise because all her pizzas look so delicious so I had to make one myself. Rectangular pizzas are fun! I bought whole wheat pizza dough from Whole Foods because I was feeling lazy and wanted something quick and instant. I really have to work on my instant gratification problem. This was a spinach, mushroom, tomato, goat cheese pizza. It would have been real good if I didn’t leave it in the oven 20 minutes too long haha. I had to eat around the burnt edges. That is why I’m only showing you the BEFORE shot and not the AFTER 🙂


2) Make bruschetta! I had a bruschetta bite when I was in Vegas and got inspired to just bake some pizza dough into “bread” and top it with diced tomato, salt and herbs. Oh, I added truffle oil to this. Mmmmm out of this world!


I’m definitely not a Vegas type of person (ie: I don’t drink a TON, I don’t gamble and I’m not a clubber) but this weekend I managed to stay up til 3am each night and gamble THREE WHOLE DOLLARS on the one cent slot machines hehe. I went to Rain at The Palms on Friday night and saw DJ AM and had fun dancing all those alcohol calories off. Saturday night was much more mellow. I only had ONE margarita by the water at The Wynn and spent the night walking around the strip. Oddly enough, I took VERY FEW pictures during this trip so here they are:

The pool at the Hard Rock, where we stayed Friday night


Me and my friends


The suite


STOP! Below is the most beautiful thing to have happened to me in Vegas. Jam-filled doughnuts and shortbread cookies from Bouchon in the Venetian. If you haven’t been there and love sweets, PLEASE GO THERE!



I’m baaaaack and haven’t posted in quite awhile (shame on me!!) Anyway, let’s jump right into things, shall we? This morning I made a “Key Lime Pie Shake” from a recipe in the Raw Food, Real World cookbook by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis and holy cow it was sooooooooooo good!!! I gave some to Chris who slurped away while saying, “This can’t be good for you, right?” because it tasted so darn delicious. WRONG! It is 100% good for you and here’s the recipe (modified for 1 person instead of 2). I mean seriously, what better way to start your day?? Enjoy!


– 1.5 apples, juiced

– juice of 1.5 limes

– 1/2 avocado

– 1 banana (the riper the better)

– handful of ice cubes (my addition – makes it smoother and MORE!)

– squeeze of agave

Whirl it up and sip til your socks come off. PS: check out the passionfruit from our backyard below! I will be making passionfruit smoothies FO SHO this weekend 😉