I Sure Am One Lucky Duck

As I have slowly entered this blogosphere of raw foodies, vegans, etc etc, I’ve noticed so many of them have had the pleasure of dining at Pure Food & Wine, a popular and beautiful eatery in NYC that makes everything raw. I have the cookbooks from Pure Food & Wine but have never dined there and doubt I’ll be back in NYC anytime soon. Darn! Luckily, my friend just got back from NYC and I asked her to stop at One Lucky Duck Juice Bar and Takeaway, which belongs to Pure Food & Wine and houses many yummy to-go items like raw crackers and sweet treats. Look what she got me! The famous Rosemary Quackers, Cheesey Quackers, Wild Atlantic Dulse, Cacao Powder, Blonde Macaroons, and these adorable heart shaped chocolate chip cookies. Sure, you can order these online but to be honest, I didn’t want to pay the shipping and handling fee (which, in my opinion, is alot!) This is as close as I’ll get to One Lucky Duck and Pure Food & Wine for now…but I’m so grateful to finally have these goodies in my hand 🙂 YAY!


  1. You are lucky 🙂 Those blonde macaroons are so wonderful…but also soooo easy to make! Definitely try to make them at home…we make the carob ones and put them in the freezer instead of dehydrating, but they are tasty both ways.

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