Sippin’ On Gin(ger) Juice

Ah, gotta love that Snoop song, right? Anyway, here’s me at work with my favorite juice: carrot, romaine, kale, beet and ginger. Oh so tasty. This has helped me kick my twelve-year old coffee habit (which I would have never thought possible even six months ago!) But now I’ve got WAY more energy, don’t have those afternoon dips like I used to AND am healthier overall. The juice craze isn’t a craze for a reason, folks, it’s for reals. Even Chris has a juice every now and then as long as I don’t throw a ton of ginger in there.

Photo 1

1 comment
  1. Yummy! Here is my latest concoction…I’m loving the beets too.
    Juice Art
    What are your amounts of each item for that one?

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