Vanilla Ice Ice Baby

I finally gave in and forked over $$$ to purchase whole vanilla bean. I’ve never bought whole vanilla bean before, mainly because it’s so expensive but I guess my taste buds are worth it. Besides, I don’t get manicures and pedicures (maybe one pedicure in two months) and I don’t go to the salon to get my hair done (I have dark hair, lucky me, and I like my tresses LOOONG so no need to really cut it.) So the way I see it is with all that money I could be blowing elsewhere, I might as well spend it on things that mean alot to me…food! I cut up a tiny smidge of the bean and used it in an “ice cream” I whipped up in the K-Tec Blender: young coconut meat, coconut water, ice cubes, a little drizzle of agave and the vanilla bean. Wow. The consistency came out so smooth and soft and creamy and the little flecks of the vanilla bean made it such a pleasant dish to look at. We eat with our eyes first so it’s always important to make it look pretty!



  1. E A said:


    You never told me you make your own Ice Cream???

    I had to buy Mango Ice Cream from Trader Joe’s….

    It is way TOO Sweet for my taste buds. I’ll have to try some home made IC ….

    Just as in the song but Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby!@#$$

  2. Jenn said:

    I am not kidding. I read this post, got up, went to my fridge and pulled out a raw coconut, hacked it open, put it in the blender (water and meat) with ice, and added a little almond milk, dash of liquid vanilla (I didn’t have a bean!) and a pinch of salt. Thank you! We just sat on the couch and downed them, and YUM!

  3. Melissa said:

    Jenn, I am so glad to hear that! I swear, it’s the easiest and one of the most yummy desserts ever šŸ˜€

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