The Green Temple

If you happen to live in the Redondo Beach area in California, I highly urge you to visit The Green Temple. Tucked away in the quaint Riviera Village neighborhood, the cafe/restaurant is nestled within a courtyard between a string of little boutiques. You would never even know there is a place to eat in there…something I love. I’ve been dining there for the past four years ever since an old veggie friend of mine introduced me to the place and now it’s a meeting area for me and my dad when I drive down to Redondo from Santa Monica to visit him 🙂 Last night, we met for dinner and shared the week’s happenings as well as the following yummy food:

The Temple Green Salad: Organic hand torn green leaf lettuce, shredded beets and carrots, organic mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados and seasonal sprouts. Served with a slice of sprouted whole grain bread made in their kitchen.


The Avocado Sandwich (with extra guacamole): On their whole wheat bread with tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts, seasoned with spike and served with a side of garden mix vegetables topped with organic tofu sauce.


The atmosphere (mine came out blurred so these images are from their website. For more pictures, check them out here). As you can see, it’s all very zen and floral and calm with Balinese-inspired furniture, water fountains, and low hushed voices. How typical California, huh?

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

And finally…me and my dad!


  1. E A said:

    Dinner at the Green Temple looks very inviting since I am a born again nature lover…

    I have begun the process of juicing. My doterie turned me on to it and now, I am an avid juicer.
    I juice fruit and veggies…not together though.

    The buzz word my doterie told me was “Dark green leafy veggies; example: Spinach and Kale.

    I will visit the Green Temple very soon because I am a Redondo Beach resident.

    Eating wholesome food is really the ticket for good health.

    My formula is:

    Good diet – Veggies, fruits, nuts and fish/chic
    Good rest – Sleep well and deep
    Good Exercise – Yoga and sweat
    Good Attitude – True joy and happiness

    E A

  2. Amanda said:

    What a beautiful place!! I wish my house looked like that:-)

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