Shoo, Fly, Shoo!

Hot weather + lots of fruits and veggies in the kitchen = pesky little fruit flies. That’s right. The fruit flies have invaded our kitchen and they’re annoying, quick little suckers. I’ve tried so many methods to kill them and nothing has seemed to work:

  • WINDEX: I’m over the windex method to get rid of them. Not only is that bad for your health but it’s just toxic for the environment and everything in  your space. Plus, I don’t spray fast enough.
  • THE TOWEL SLAP: Nope. Not fast enough. I have to wet a small towel to do this and I just wind up getting wet marks all over the mirrors and walls.
  • THE HAND SLAP: If you’re standing outside our window, don’t be surprised to hear “clap…clap….clap clap clap….DARN!!!” I’ve managed to nab one or two of them, but it’s such a fruitless (no pun intended) effort.

Good thing I came across Happy Foody today because she just posted something about how to rid your house of fruit flies. Check it out here or just read below. I just made this little concoction and left the cup on the windowsill. Stay tuned for what happens…

Tired of the fruit flies?
When you eat a lot of fruit, like we do…you tend to have occasional problems with fruit flies. Here is my “fruit fly killer concoction”:

Fill a cup with water. Add:

  • dish soap
  • apple cider vinegar
  • honey/maple syrup/agave (anything sweet)

They will fly a suicide mission into that sweet yumminess and croak. Good times.


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