Mexican, Two Ways

Chris and I love Mexican food. Tonight, we both had this cuisine done differently.

Exhibit A: MINE. Raw goat cheese, lettuce cups (to act as the taco shell) and a mixture of garlic, raw corn, tomato, salt, pepper, jalapeno, and cilantro. I layer a couple slices of the cheese on the lettuce shell, then scoop some of the corn and tomato mixture on top. It may sound simple and boring but give this a try – it is incredibly tasty.


Exhibit B: CHRIS. I made him fajitas with the leftover carne asada that our dear friends, Kevin and Meghann, cooked for us over the weekend. Then I sauteed fresh green bell pepper in olive oil with the meat, whipped up some fresh guacamole with shallots, jalapeno, lime juice, salt and pepper and heated four corn tortillas (two super crispy, two semi-soft). Just for a little added option, I threw on some cheese on his plate because I know he likes to layer his flavors. It was a home-run according to the man of the house: “mmmm….your best Mexican meal ever” he said.



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