Svelte Spelt Crackers

Inspired by this recipe I saw on Smitten Kitchen, and also by Jill Santopietro’s video on making the same recipe right here, I was motivated to make spelt crackers from scratch. I like crunchy hearty crackers with my salads. For awhile there, I was buying Dr. Kracker crackers by the dozen, serving one or two sheets alongside a plate of mesclun greens, fresh tomato, and avocado. The only problem with those (and I guess you could say it’s a me problem) is that they’re a little too hard on my teeth, which are small and grinded down (from nights of teeth grinding, I suppose. Doctor says it’s me internalizing my stress ha.) So I was determined to make my own crackers with spelt flour, which is far more superior than whole wheat and obviously white. Smitten Kitchen and Jill Santopietro use white spelt flour but I chose to make the crackers with a whole grain version instead.

The main ingredients.


I decided to pick rosemary from our herb garden. Rosemary is always a nice addition to many things, especially crunchy crackers.


Kneaded the salt, water, and flour into a ball.


Turned a baking sheet over to use as the base. This is how we bake it.


Sprinkled the top with water, coarse sea salt, fennel seed, caraway seed and the rosemary.


Score it if you want it to easily tear apart.


After about 22 minutes of baking, this is how they looked.


The finished product. I had mine with salad. Chris dipped his in hummus and topped a couple with salami. I haven’t tried the white spelt crackers, which I intend on making, but the whole grain version is much more dense and heartier. I wouldn’t recommend it if you prefer white bread over wheat, or white pasta over whole wheat pasta…but it doesn’t hurt to try 🙂



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