Dinner Done Differently

Last night, in honor of our traditional Sunday Night Dinners (done big and followed up with episodes of Next Food Network Star, Hung, and Entourage), we decided to take advantage of our wonderful backyard and pretend we were eating out at a restaurant. I hopped on the computer and printed out a menu for the evening, which we stuck on the outside table next to an assortment of decorative rocks and candles (Chris set up that centerpiece – muah!) OK, you might be thinking laaamme but I was thinking ooooh fun! Why the childlike behavior? I grew up pretty much an only child (except when my sister would visit during the summer months) so I developed a wild imagination and fun ways to entertain myself (yes, that included imaginary friends and dragging a stuffed animal along on a piece of string, pretending it was my pet dog). Hence, the playful mind even at my tender old age of 27! Here are some snapshots of our dinner…don’t really have to address the dishes since they’re all on the menu 🙂 Oh, and if you’re looking for the dessert pics, they’re below this post…I went out of order!










  1. Nikki said:

    gotta love it!

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