Woo hoo! Another weekend getaway for us in two weeks! This time, we’re driving up to Los Olivos, wine country and staying at Hotel Corque in Solvang, CA. I cannot wait since wine tasting is one of my FAVORITE things to do…especially up north. There is just something so peaceful and idyllic about being up there. Our good friend and wine snob gave us a list of recommended wineries to stop by. If you’re ever in the area, check these out:

1) Foxen- Awesome wine, great location. As seen in Sideways
2) Melville- ditto. Known for thier Pinot’s and Syrah’s
3) Babcock- Interesting wines with alot of variety on the tasting menu
4) Rideau- Great place to hang out and chill. They have two tastings. One in the front and the reserve wine in the back. Try the reserve wines.
5) Rancho Siquoc- Our favorite place to have a picnic and hang out. They have really good moderately priced wines. It’s way up Foxen canyon road so you think you are heading into the middle of nowhere.
6) Sanford- They have a new facility on the west side of the 101. Cool location. Good Pinots.




1 comment
  1. E A said:

    Gee, it looks like a real pleasant and “fruitful,” uh-hem, day…Oh yeah!@#$%

    Nothing like a nice drive up the coast and to top it off, a lil libation, no doubt!

    Check out the pixs…my gosh, B e a U t I F u L.

    Enjoy – IN JOY – the joyous occasion.

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