Daily Archives: July 1, 2009

Chris brought home a delicious heirloom tomato salad from a dinner party he went to. The next day, I took those heirlooms that had been marinating in their olive oil herb dressing and tossed it with crisp fresh greens for a lovely salad. Does anyone know of a TV show on Food Network or other that’s all about making the most of leftovers?


I know, I know. Stay out of the sun. Wear plenty of sunscreen. Throw on a hat. Don’t let the sun touch you. But I live in Southern California, I argue. Plus, I’m half filipino. From the islands. I’m made to hang out in the sun. This past weekend, I couldn’t help but  throw on my bikini and read Ani Phyo’s cookbook under the beaming sunshine with a glass of my famous margarita (tequila + fresh lime juice + splash of pure agave syrup) hanging out next to me. Don’t worry, I lathered on plenty of sunscreen, wore my little Cuban style hat (I think it’s Cuban style, forgive me if I’m wrong) AND took little breaks in the shade every now and then from the high 80 degree weather. It was pure bliss.

My reading material. Cookbooks! Ha.


Me. In my favorite swimsuit! I wore this to our Hawaii vacation two years ago and I have nothing but fond memories in this thing 🙂


The tropical feel in the backyard.


Chris joined me for little bits during the day but he was glued to the television. Can you see why?


Of course, when he came out to talk to me, Guido had to join in on the fun.


Chez Mella!!


Chris wanted to make omelettes for Sunday brunch and what a great job he did. My dish was vegetarian, of course, with a side of juicy greens and his version boasted thinly sliced salami, grilled bell peppers and sliced onion.

Starting to sizzle on the stovetop…



Guido spying on us, hoping to catch some food falling off the counter…



Voila! Here’s Chris’ meat-lovers version…


And mine…


There’s nothing like brunch on a sun-filled day in the backyard…




Guido. Again. Hoping to catch food falling from the table.