My Weekend

Well, yesterday was just about perfect weather in Los Angeles. The sun was beaming happily down at us, the birds were chirping a little song, and Guido was chasing squirrels up and down the backyard. Ah, so much fun. Lunch consisted of cabbage tacos stuffed with fresh corn, cilantro, diced tomato, garlic and cheese. I made two huge ones for myself because I can never get enough of these.




Chris made himself a toasted sandwich with chips. I salivated over the sight of toasted bread but reminded myself a sandwich would do nothing but wreak havoc on my digestive system.


Guido was chillin’.


We spent the day running errands and hitting up the health foods store, Rainbow Acres. It’s the closest thing to Mrs. Gooch’s as you’ll get – this was all pre-Whole Foods days when the food really was organic and fresh and things weren’t mass produced. As the afternoon wore on, I started making dinner as we watched the Lakers/Orlando game.


I decided to make a lasagna recipe from the Pure Food & Wine restaurant in NY. Instead of pine nuts for the “ricotta”, I used cashews. I’m never following recipes to a tee, which is why I think half of them don’t turn out the way I expect them to haha. But it sure looked good! I roasted thin sheets of eggplant and zucchini and topped each layer with a dollop of my cashew cream, tomato sauce and cashew pesto.


I used the cashew cream and tomato sauce as a dipping sauce for some Italian Crackers from Lydia’s Organic.


Hold on – quick snapshot of what’s now housing all the avocados, lemons, onions and pineapple. I’ve been shopping at the Farmers Market so the house is filled with fresh produce. Just lovely.


OK so back to dinner. I made a carrot, curry, cashew blended soup in the K-Tec. It came out real thick but tasty. Kind of like mashed po po’s. I sprinkled celtic sea salt and fresh ground black pepper on top.


Dessert was a “rice pudding”, also made in the K-Tec: dates, coconut meat, ice cubes, maple syrup and vanilla extract.



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