Monthly Archives: June 2009

My girl’s bday is tomorrow so I’ve been a mad baker woman because the best gifts are edible and come from the heart (and tummy!) I played around in the kitchen and whipped up several concoctions.

Chris’ favorite dessert: clafoutis anything. This one has blueberries. Lots of them.


Blueberry coconut muffins for the bday gal.


Peanut butter choco-chip cookies pre-bake.


Had to display them on the counter!



Chris and I ate light and healthy together to give our tummies a bit of a rest.

His and hers gazpacho, whipped to perfection in the K-Tec and topped with a chiffonade of cilantro.


Nori rolls made with chopped parsnip, sprouts and an almond “cream”…more for me, less for Chris. He was a great sport and tried one though.


Salad with a thai peanut dressing that’s really made with almond butter (better for my tummy)


Chris was so good he got some of my yummy fried rice with egg and shoyu. He manned the bbq and grilled some chicken to go with the rice. Bueno!



I like re-using marinara jars for everything from my daily juices to dressings that I make. Seen here is a thai peanut dressing, now housed in my old marinara sauce bottle. All I need now is a label maker so I remember what bottle holds what sauce 😉



If you didn’t catch Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood in theaters, I urge you to rent the DVD. We watched it on Friday night after tucking into sushi and it was AWESOME. I am a huge fan of Clint’s directorial efforts like Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby and this movie did not disappoint. I laughed, I cried, and I highly recommend it. If you enjoy dry grumpy old man humor and don’t get offended easily by racial terms, go get it.


Last night we had pizza night and watched part of Along Came Polly. We’re meaning to make a point of watching more movies – it’s gotten a little mundane scrolling through our usual pre-recorded lineup of shows. I mean, there’s only so much “Pitchmen” with Billy Mays we can watch haha. We got our favorite pizza dough from Whole Foods because at $2.50 a pop, it’s SO worth it than to make your own from scratch. There are some things I like to make from scratch like my own salad dressings or marinara sauce or ice cream but not pizza dough. I didn’t take a picture of mine (basil pesto topped with chunky veggies and goat cheese) but Chris was good and remembered to snap a photo of his razor-thin pizza (marinara on one side, pesto on the other half. Salami, shallots, herbs and a sprinkling of cheese.) YUM!


Thanks to a lovely 40% off member discount at Borders, I picked up a new un-cookbook by Ani Phyo: Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. So far, I’ve only tried one recipe (the chilled corn chowder) but it was absolutely delicious and took me under a minute to make (simply blend and enjoy!) That’s one of the great things about raw recipes – it’s perfect for the busy impatient cook who doesn’t like to wait around for something to boil, simmer and cook for hours on end. Sometimes I like my meals quick, easy and convenient and there’s no doubt Ani’s book is going to deliver just that.

The book


The chilled corn chowder served alongside some rolls made with avocado and bell pepper.