What A Great Day

I’ve been radiating absolute happiness since I woke up this morning. Cutting coffee from my diet has really made my sleep so much better and today, May 29th, I officially turned 27! Woohoo! So my coworkers, Jenn and Nicole, and their brother came to pick me up at 8:45am for a bday breakfast at Huckleberry Cafe. It was my first time there but I was thoroughly impressed by their herb and lettuce garden in the back and their variety of pastries lined up along the counter. Not to mention their use of fresh organic produce from the local farmers market.

OK. I didn’t ask for this, but our seat table card was 27!! How random, right? Jenn ordered me a doughnut. I know I’m on a cleanse diet right now but that’s no reason to deprive myself a bite of something sweet, sugary and fluffy!


We asked the kind gentleman to take a pic of us.


Andrew ordered the “Green Eggs & Ham” with the “green” being arugula and pesto. Heard it was delish.


Nicole got the eggs and beef brisket. A little too heavy for breakfast in my opinion, but if you add a cup of rice to the mix, it would make a great dinner.


I got the poached eggs over farmers market veggies: baby tomatoes, snap peas and corn with toasted salted bread crumbs sprinkled on top. Soooo good!


A shot of the little garden behind the cafe. I also had to snap these pics for inspiration for the little garden Chris and I are cultivating in his backyard.



The morning flew by with a ton of design projects. The girls surprised me with a peach tart for my birthday cake at lunch. Here I am making a wish for world peace. Just kidding.


The rest of the afternoon buzzed by. Chris came to pick me up for my surprise birthday dinner. I had no idea where we were going until we made a turn to veer up to Topanga Canyon. Hmmm…..



After too many curves and bends in the road, we came to our destination. WOW! Boyfriend scores 20 points!! For the past two years I have wanted to try Inn of the Seventh Ray up in Topanga Canyon. They are known for their organic ingredients, fresh farmers market produce, and creating foods that tap into positive energy. Yes, it might sound a little weird and hippie but I love it. And it’s perfect timing what with my new path of cleansing and all. We scored a cozy little table right along the river and it looked out into the “wilderness”…all the twinkling little lights, the sound of water fountains, and the low murmur of voices just added to the romantic feel of the restaurant. It was perfect. I wish I could’ve taken more photos but this is all I have. As for the food, well, I ordered: the flax crackers with olive tapenade, cashew “cheese” and pesto sampler, the vegan carrot, curry and cashew soup and the beet salad. Chris got the side of organic mushrooms sauteed in garlic and olive oil and the cooked-to-perfection salmon atop a bed of baby potatoes and pearl onions.






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