Monthly Archives: April 2009

In honor of Liz Lemon, one of my favorite TV characters from 30 Rock, I made a smiley face out of the lemons that ARE GROWING IN OUR BACKYARD! Yeah boiiiii!



Sunday started off with breakfast in the backyard (weather was gorgeous) – wholewheat flax waffles I whipped up from scratch and a mini omelette.


Before long, dinnertime rolled around. Couldn’t resist a fresh salad with a fried egg on top. I’m currently obsessed with putting a fried egg on top of everything.


I still had half a pound of ground beef left over so I made Chris a taco casserole that had layers of tortilla chips in the center and globs of melted cheese on top.


Here, have a slice.


The weather was still amazing (one of the perks of living in Los Angeles) so we took dinner outside to the backyard, where Chris set the table with romantic candles and a giant rose he picked for me. Awww.


I’m all about leftovers so the next morning I whipped up breakfast: another hunk of the taco casserole from the night before and a fried egg on top. Now that’s what I call a breakfast of champions.


I had one of the best foodie weekends – great food, great weather and of course, great company.

Saturday kicked off with an omelette made of sundried tomatoes, spinach and chunks of haloumi cheese (my latest dairy obsession!) I couldn’t resist a glass of white wine with my brunch while I basked in the sun and flipped through Giada’s cookbook.


Dinnertime rolled around and I couldn’t wait to serve up the appetizer, slow roasted vine-ripened tomatoes (which I had cooking in the oven for four hours that afternoon at 275 degrees.) I topped the juicy slices with more haloumi cheese, freshly minced basil from our herb garden and a sprinkling of sea salt.


Even though I’m a vegetarian, I have no qualms about handling meat. One of my favorite dishes to prepare is meatballs from scratch. Whole Foods had a bargain deal for their ground beef so I picked up a pound of it to make Chris some homemade meatballs along with a side of wheat parpadelle. For the meatballs, all I did was mix the beef with some milk, eggs, panko, herbs and salt and pepper. Using a little OXO scoop, I formed perfectly round balls, which I seared in the All Clad in olive oil, then added the marinara sauce and brought it all to a simmer.



Also added a fresh salad to the mix – avocado, haloumi (can’t get enough!), sundried tomato and tasty greens.


Parpadelle and meatballs with shavings of fresh parmesan…mmmm.


I love eating in reverse, especially breakfast for dessert. I’m talking about my mini waffles that I whip up from scratch and cook in our lovable UNO waffle maker that we scored at last year’s sample sale. I’m determined to make THE perfect Liege waffle, but that will require a trip to IKEA so I can pick up a pack of pearl sugar (sold only at IKEA in the states apparently.) Odd, huh? They carry it in the Swedish grocer/cafe section. Until then, of course, I satisfy my sweet tooth with a basic waffle that’s been showered with powdered sugar and maple syrup for an oh-so tasty post dinner treat.


I love my long rectangular plates from Cost Plus. They allow me to experiment with a “trio” of foods like this dinner we made a few nights ago. You have (starting from the left): roasted corn and asparagus salad, BBQ’d tuna that had been marinated in a soy glaze, my famous tofu mashed up “salad”.