Monthly Archives: March 2009

Chris and I made dinner together in our usual Sunday night tradition. I had the idea of making “Mozzarella en Carrozza”, which translates to “Mozzarella In A Carriage”, which is really just a glorified grilled cheese sandwich IMO. You basically soak two pieces of sandwich bread in milk, layer fresh mozzarella in between, dip it in egg, then throw it into a bath of breadcrumbs. And then fry it up. Mine lacked flavor but with a little salt and marinara sauce, it became quite tasty.

At the start of the fry. I used panko instead of regular bread crumbs.


Once it got golden and crisp and oh-so-pretty.


Sliced into four uneven triangles.


First you hold it up.


Then you take a few bites.


Then you eat it all with a smile.


Chris threw together a delicious chicken, lemon, herb and balsamic dish. He’s good like that. He started out cooking lemons in the All Clad.


Then he threw in some chicken.


Added some balsamic, olive oil and herbs and then the chicken started to look like this. Then off to the oven it went to roast and broil.


While the chicken was roasting, I started on a spinach feta quiche using frozen spinach and leftover feta cheese. I added egg, breadcrumbs, half and half and a pinch of pepper flakes along with the usual salt and pepper. The pie crust is some wheat kind that’s pretty darn finger lickin’ good.


The outcome.



The end.


I try to be a good hostess when guests stay from out of town. When Chris’ good friend, Luke, came in from Seattle and spent a night at the house, I had a welcome basket ready for him (complete with homemade chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of Newcastle beer.) Adding a little hang tag on anything gives it that extra special touch.


Well, my heart at least. These were from the holidays – old pics I just dug up. Instead of gifting the usual, I decided to roll my sleeves up, throw an apron on, and get to work in the kitchen baking like a madwoman. The result? Tons of delectable delights, including homemade cinnamon rolls with mascarpone frosting made from scratch. My greatest joy came from cruising on down to Michael’s Arts & Crafts to snap up cellophane and wrapping paper for these goodies. I felt like Martha Stewart.



We got a new coffee machine from the sample sale. It’s a slick looking KRUPS that has a Burr coffee grinder at the top. Unfortunately, it’s missing some parts…just one of the many things to look out for when you go to a kitchenware/appliances sample sale 😦 The good news, however, is that we have three french presses, another coffee machine, three coffee grinders, and an awesome BREVILLE espresso machine as a backup. Yes, we love our coffee.


OK I admit, I’m not the healthiest person. I mean, for the majority of the time, I try to be. For one thing, I’m vegetarian so I don’t eat any type of meat except fish (and I’ve pretty much cut out eggs and all dairy). I try to eat fresh foods everyday and I never touch soda or chips. On the other hand, I’m known to have the WORST sweet tooth EVER. I’d rather not eat my dinner just to enjoy dessert. I know. BAD MELISSA. Today was no exception. My lunch consisted of Chris’ leftover Bloody Mary and a fun size Baby Ruth candy bar. Uh…I promise to be better tomorrow.


My dad gifted me his beautiful vintage 1976 35mm Canon camera, which is still in pristine condition. Not only that, but dad is giving me photography lessons every week. How lucky am I?